Facial Rejuvenation

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid based soft tissue fillers which are used to fill facial lines and restore volume.

At DL Aesthetics we provide a number of treatments not just aimed at individual areas. We look at your whole face and analyse it for the very best natural enhancement of your beauty to make the very most out of you. We always aim for a natural look designed to complement and refresh your appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are a natural way to enhance your facial features. They rejuvenate loss of volume and freshen your appearance.

30-45 mins including numbing cream.

We use numbing cream where required. Juvederm and Teosyal dermal fillers contain local anaesthetic to reduce any discomfort.

We utilise premium quality fillers which last between 9 and 18 months. External factors such as smoking will affect how long filler lasts.

Dermal Filler Range

With an ever-growing range of dermal fillers, how do you choose which one is the best for you?

We only use top quality CE marked and approved dermal fillers, including Teosyal and Juvéderm

Fillers are priced per 1ml syringe with specialised treatments such as lips and tear trough fillers being priced separately.

Dermal Filler Pricing

Prices are dependent on the product used. We are happy to advise regarding products at your consultation.

Juvederm Ultra vs Juvederm Vycross

Juvederm Ultra is our "standard" dermal filler which we have been using for over ten years. It is reliable and gives consistent results.

Juvederm Vycross which includes the Volbella, Volift and Voluma products, is a "premium" filler which we have been using for several years with consistently good results. It is one of the most popular filler products in the world.


Juvederm Ultra

Additional 1ml £175

Juvederm Vycross

Additional 1ml £200
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Aftercare for Dermal Fillers

For 12 hours after treatment we advise that you avoid extreme facial expressions, alcohol consumption and applying makeup. Please avoid extreme sun exposure, UV light, freezing temperatures and saunas for 2 weeks after treatment. It is important to avoid touching the area injected unless advised by your practitioner.

We always offer our patients a follow up appointment 2 – 3 weeks after their treatment to ensure we have got the best result possible; any additional product needed at this appointment may incur an additional cost.

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